How to start a holiday farm

The holiday farm is a form of rural tourism, done by farmers (c(small farmers or agricultural entrepreneurs in accordance with article 2135 of the Civil Code) who use owned or leased rural buildings belonging to productive agricultural funds. By now, a holiday farm is no longer a novelty but many people still believe that it means only dispensation of food and drinks, half-board or full-board accommodation options. On the contrary, people now ask more and more only for bed & breakfast or even accommodation in apartments with kitchen facilities where guests can make the meals on their own.

According to Agriturist, all farm holiday activities should be part of the land, therefore it is advisable to move towards proposals meeting, first of all, the land needs: if your municipality already offers excellent restaurants, but no accommodation for overnight stays, it is recommended to consider this kind of hospitality. Obviously, this is the case of surplus rooms or buildings to be renovated (such as, for example, barns). And more than that; but always remember that our tourists are very fond of natural environments and landscapes.

It hardly matters if the farm is far from main roads. If the farm is in a remote place it is on the top. Our tourists love the countryside but they do not give up some services: if there is little space available, it is better to provide each room with the bathroom, rather than surplus rooms, and to make available a room for people with disabilities. Recommendation about food services: Agriturist considers food and drinks the natural extension of agricultural product direct sale.

Therefore, if the farming system includes corn and sunflower, it is not possible to consider food services; but, on the contrary, with fruits and vegetables, vine-growing and livestock culinary needs can easily be met, always with traditional and seasonal dishes. A Holiday farm also consists of recreational activities, that can be offered separately from food service and overnight stay.

These activities must in any case be directly linked with holiday farm main mission: horse riding, small-scale agriculture courses, guided tours and product tasting, bike rental. Swimming-pools are more and more welcomed (above all by German guests). The swimming-pool is obviously made available only to the guests who already benefit from other services (restaurant and overnight stay).

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